Important Notice: On the 1st of September 2021, we will be moving our Studio back to the Town Centre and will be offering treatments at the Barking Enterprise,

50 Cambridge Road, Barking IG11 8FG

We look forward to welcoming you to a safe and luxurious Heal experience.


We have been a respected Wellness Family, formally called the Bath Haus Spa in Barking, since 2012. Using our extensive understanding of the mind/body connection, we aim to use massage, nutrition, counselling, yoga movement and breath as a way to heal and empower the self, giving you added physical and mental strength.


The road to healing is endless — it all starts with a pause and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. We value each and every person who joins our Wellness Studio and we look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.

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Organic Skin Care

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Pradiance Facial 

Inspired by the moon and its endless cycle of renewal, the ‘Pradiance Way’ is about the connection to nature and the regenerative power it provides. We consider the 28-day skin cycle, which happens to be the same as the moon’s cycle. By taking care of mind, body and spirit in the healthiest way possible, we begin to notice a dramatic effect, both internally and externally, which results in more radiant skin.

Science-based, Natural & Organic

. Our organic skincare range is scientifically formulated, containing Kigelia and other specially selected plant ingredients that are sustainably sourced and certified natural.

Residue from pesticides sprayed over crops can find their way into our skincare products. That’s precisely why we’ve chosen to provide you with clean skincare using only certified organic ingredients. In fact, our organic ingredients are GMO free and organically grown, and we avoid all synthetic chemical preservatives, colourants and fragrances.

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Facial 60 mins





Therapeutic Massage 

 Customised to your needs, this relaxing treatment combines various massage, bodywork,  energy work techniques and  includes the use of warm aromatic oils. Our most popular treatment.

Women’s Balancing Massage

Allow yourself to be soothed and treated by our experienced Therapists who understand that weight gain and hormones disrupt your sense of well-being both physically and mentally. Our supportive approach will allow you to reconnect with your changing body and support you with life’s ups and downs in a calm and nurturing environment.


Restorative Massage

Our newest offering! A gentle, soothing treatment, where client is lying on the side propped up by pillows and blankets, allowing the release of physical and emotional anxieties and stress, using nurturing massage strokes, breath work and warm aromatic oils.

Deep Muscle Massage

Restore comfort, suppleness, and movement with this intensively effective massage. Active stretching and deep massage technique to alleviate deep-seated tension.

Pregnancy Massage

A beautifully comforting treatment for a changing body. Personalised to your needs and stage of pregnancy, soothing massage techniques help to ease tired muscles and  hydrate your skin.

Note: Always check with your doctor before booking your appointment.

Warm Lava Stone Massage

A therapeutic full body massage to relieve deep muscle tension. Allow this bespoke combination of aromatic oils, warm volcanic stones and targeted massage relax your muscles and soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind and feel rejuvenated. 

Oncology Massage

A diagnosis of cancer, or any other life limiting condition is devastating. An aspect of life unfolds that involves numerous tests, medical procedures and life altering decisions. It also fundamentally changes the relationship with our body. The therapeutic touch treatments are well established methods of care used for symptom control, pain relief, anxiety, grief, loneliness, and end of life. All the therapies are given at a clinically safe standard and can be used alongside existing medical treatment plans.  

Please get in touch for further information and guidance. 

30 mins / £40

60 mins / £65

90 mins / £90

Aligning With Yourself

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Home Sanctuary

As a gifted and highly experienced award-winning spa manager, Rachel lends her professional sensibilities to creating your home sanctuary. Whether you’re looking to add a special touch to your bathroom, to your bedroom, or an entire room, Rachel brings beauty and luxury into your own home.

“It is increasingly essential that our homes support us, as nurturing, sensory, tactile retreats, not so much as insulation from contemporary life, but strengthening us in body and soul, to deal with it.” 
~Michelle Ogundehin, Happy Inside

Spa & Spa Branding

Rachel has designed and managed spas in some of the world’s major travel destinations, including Bora Bora, Seychelles, and London.

Whether you’re looking to create a sanctuary space in your organization to encourage workplace wellness, or if you’re designing a spa at your hotel or travel destination, Rachel will bring a depth of experience, creative design sensibilities and a respect for the cultural/historical context of the region into a thoughtful product from vision to reality. 

Rachel is available for freelance contracts locally to the UK and internationally, and can assist you from the set-up stage through to opening your spa.

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Self Love and Self Care

Isolation & Anxiety Support Programme

with Rachel Moulai-Hacene

Throughout the pandemic, social distancing, quarantine and lockdown efforts have led to a significant spike in acute isolation and loneliness, with serious impacts for those most at risk.


When opportunities for meaningful connection are missing, our nervous systems can become overloaded, leading to a number of health problems, including compromised immune function, anxiety and depression – all issues related to the autonomic function. Loneliness can also increase cortisol levels and activate the sympathetic nervous system, making people feel unhappy, unsafe, and in a constant state survival mode.


This is specifically designed for people who are suffering from anxiety, loneliness, disconnection, or feeling overwhelmed,  brought on by the physical and social isolation that has become so chronic at this moment in time. Through six dynamic sessions, clients will experience the benefits of therapeutic touch, develop new self-care and self-love strategies, practice embodiment techniques through restorative yoga, and engage in creative activities and reflective writing.


Five weekly sessions of one hour.




  • Five - Session Package £450

HypnoBodyTM Programme  

with Farrah Idris


         “Your body is your subconscious mind, and you can’t heal it by talk alone” -         

Candace Pert 


I designed the HypnoBodyTM Programme based on my twenty years’ experience of working with vulnerable clients in need. This was initially as a Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA), then a lead clinical therapist in a hospice and more recent as a social prescriber. 


I noted that each interaction with a client resolved some element of concern, and yet left was a deep emotional tenderness that had not been fully expressed in their bodies. Stress and trauma leave indelible marks on the mind which the body feels. 

Talking allows the mind to speak and touch the body to process. 


I developed a method integrating ‘Talk and Touch’ to fully release inhibiting beliefs and focus on potential. This is an Empowerment Treatment combining the best of hypnotherapy and touch therapies. 


The programme consists of six sessions 75 minutes each (three touch treatments, and three hypnotherapy sessions).  

Price £550 


Get in touch for further information. 

Subject to Terms and Conditions 



The Journey to Self Renewal

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

Welcome to bespoke one to one and small group yoga classes. Our Wellness Studio aims to make the practice of yoga approachable and joyful. We believe that integrating yoga into your week will improve your health and change your quality of life for the better. Want to find out more? Call us.

Hatha Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Meditation / Breath Work

Private Yoga Class 60 mins / £50


At Heal Studio, we make sure to give our Guests, the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. Their satisfaction is our greatest source of pride. Check out what’s being said about us, and see how Integrative Therapies and Yoga can be life changing.

This place is wonderful. I had the best massage today and at the end felt like I was on a cloud. Very experienced therapist and totally Covid secure. Highly recommend it.

Lynette Whittaker

Human Resources Barking

Rachel Moulai, has a wealth of experience managing various prestigious spas throughout the globe. Heal Studio is a discreetly located hidden gem off the beaten track in what is becoming recognised as the creative quarter of Barking. It is a tranquil oasis decorated in calming, muted colours that immediately create a relaxing atmosphere.A special mention must go to the lovely Head Therapist Virginie for her professionalism in alleviating the pain from my long-standing neck injury.

Rachel and her team are amazing. I’ve been for treatments with them many times. As well as brilliant practitioners they are so welcoming and i can feel myself relax the moment I walk in. Couldn’t recommend them more highly. They are the gold standard.

Carole Pluckrose

Artistic Director

Philip Daly

Local Resident



Barking Enterprise, 50 Cambridge Road

Barking IG11 8FG

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