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Spa & Spa Branding

Rachelle has designed and managed spas in some of the world’s major travel destinations, including Bora Bora, Seychelles, and London.
Whether you’re looking to create a sanctuary space in your organization to encourage workplace wellness, or if you’re designing a spa at your hotel or travel destination, Rachelle will bring a depth of experience, creative design sensibilities and a respect for the cultural/historical context of the region into a thoughtful product from vision to reality. 
Rachelle is available for freelance contracts locally to the UK and internationally, and can assist you from the set-up stage through to opening your spa.

Please contact Rachelle for an informal chat and we'll take it from there.

+44 7889008828




“Whether you are celebrating an important milestone or just indulging in a fabulous family vacation, the new Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is considered by many to be the most magnificent resort in the world. Many of the friendly guests we vacationed with left with tears in their eyes. Inspirational and healing… one must be there to know it and the experience will form memories to last a lifetime.”

“The therapeutic strengths of baths are now celebrated in style at the world’s most popular spas… notably the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort’s Maru Spa in French Polynesia. A small cluster of buildings tucked discreetly into the lush foliage of the resort, with a waterfall cascading into a lily pond, the Maru Spa looks like a Tahitian tree house with treatment rooms nestled in the branches of a huge banyan tree.

‘In designing this spa and its treatments, we wanted to ensure that we created an authentic island experience,’ explains Rachelle Moulai, the spa director who spent two years developing the resort’s treatment menu and product line. ‘When we talked to the local healers and discovered that bathing was central to their therapies, we knew that it had to be part of our signature treatment.’”

Liz Fleming

“The [North Island] spa, has been conceptualized by Rachelle Moulai and Adria W. Lake, of Bali’s Begawan Giri… This resort isn’t for just anyone—not every guest paying those kinds of prices wants to go barefoot and take showers in the open air. But for those who appreciate the outdoors and don’t mind napping in a linen-cloaked sala (an African gazebo) next to their own private pool, North Island is a winner.”

“As I see it, a good salon treatment is premised upon three major factors – the space itself. Then there is the therapist, who can make or break your treatment. Lastly there is the quality of the products used and the overall experience, because if you are shelling out your hard earned cash on a non-essential, you want to walk out of the spa wondering why you can’t do something like that every week. Well I’m not going to keep you in suspense; Africology came up trumps on every count.

Free from the steady hum of hairdryers, the team has managed to create a peaceful atmosphere just a few steps away from the hectic thrust of Regent Street. For a spa of its size, in a location where space is at a premium, the spa is well thought out and the kind of place you’d like to spend a few hours. The minute you enter you feel your shoulders relax and within minutes you realise you are talking in a half-whisper. It’s beautifully lit, not dungeon dark, but softly illuminated, like a spa should be, and it smells incredible. Even the stations for mani/pedis are something special.”

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