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Holistic Workshops


Self-care doesn't need to be expensive.  Our bespoke workshops have been developed with the new 'Cost of Living' and our Community in mind and are hands on learning with Rachelle the creator of the sessions and also the facilitator with 30+ years of experience in the Spa industry.

We offer this service to groups of a maximum of 20 attendees, to community organisations, businesses, and governmental spaces such a Libraries and Community Hubs. 

Stress and anxiety have become an unfortunate reality for many of us in recent times. With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to disrupt our daily lives, it’s important to find ways to soothe the mind and promote relaxation.


Luckily, you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the benefits of a spa day. With a few simple changes to your bathroom routine, you can transform your space into a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. Here is what you will learn:

  1. Head and shoulder massage

  2. Embrace the power of water.

  3. Experiment with temperature

  4. Aromatherapy for the Mind

  5. Cold water therapy

  6. Bring the Outdoors in

  7. Relaxing Soundscapes

  8. Magnesium for Relaxation


There are many simple and affordable ways to transform your home or bathroom into a relaxing spa experience. By incorporating these tips into your routine, it is possible to create a peaceful sanctuary in the comfort of your own home and reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the current challenges we are facing.

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Robb Walters

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