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Pradiance Facials

Organic Skin Care

Pradiance Facial 

Inspired by the moon and its endless cycle of renewal, the ‘Pradiance Way’ is about the connection to nature and the regenerative power it provides. We consider the 28-day skin cycle, which happens to be the same as the moon’s cycle. By taking care of mind, body and spirit in the healthiest way possible, we begin to notice a dramatic effect, both internally and externally, which results in more radiant skin.

Science-based, Natural & Organic

. Our organic skincare range is scientifically formulated, containing Kigelia and other specially selected plant ingredients that are sustainably sourced and certified natural.

Residue from pesticides sprayed over crops can find their way into our skincare products. That’s precisely why we’ve chosen to provide you with clean skincare using only certified organic ingredients. In fact, our organic ingredients are GMO free and organically grown, and we avoid all synthetic chemical preservatives, colourants and fragrances.

Facial 60 mins


£65 instead of £75

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