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Aligning With Yourself

The Couple Massage

Couples everywhere have been looking for new ways to relax together and the opportunity to reconnect with each other. You are welcome to bring any type of companion, whether it is a Friend, Partner or Family member.

A great a way to treat your loved one. 

*This treatments are available on weekends only.

Integrative Massage 

 Customised to your needs, this service combines various massage, bodywork,  energy work techniques and  includes the use of warm aromatic oils. Pressure is customised to your needs.


Restorative Massage

Our newest offering! A gentle, soothing treatment, where client is lying on the side propped up by pillows and blankets, allowing the release of physical and emotional anxieties and stress, using nurturing massage strokes, breath work and warm aromatic oils.

Mother To Be Treatment

A beautifully comforting treatment for a changing body. Personalised to your needs and stage of pregnancy, soothing massage techniques help to ease tired muscles and  hydrate your skin.

Note: Always check with your doctor before booking your appointment.

Mummy and Baby Massage


Allow 60 mins 50 minute massage of your choice and baby will also receive a 10 minute relaxing and calming massage. The therapist will show you how to do this at home to help relax and for you to experience the ultimate in bonding between a parent and their baby “the gift of touch”.

Warm Lava Stone Massage

A therapeutic full body massage to relieve deep muscle tension. Allow this bespoke combination of aromatic oils, warm volcanic stones and targeted massage relax your muscles and soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind and feel rejuvenated. 

Oncology Massage

A diagnosis of cancer, or any other life limiting condition is devastating. An aspect of life unfolds that involves numerous tests, medical procedures and life altering decisions. It also fundamentally changes the relationship with our body. The therapeutic touch treatments are well established methods of care used for symptom control, pain relief, anxiety, grief, loneliness, and end of life. All the therapies are given at a clinically safe standard and can be used alongside existing medical treatment plans. 

Please get in touch for further information and guidance. 

30 mins / £40

60 mins / £65

90 mins / £90

Couples 60 mins / £120