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Image by Galina N


Therapeutic Massage 

 Customised to your needs, this relaxing treatment combines various massage, bodywork,  energy work techniques and  includes the use of warm aromatic oils. Our most popular treatment.

Women’s Balancing Massage

Allow yourself to be soothed and treated by our experienced Therapists who understand that weight gain and hormones disrupt your sense of well-being both physically and mentally. Our supportive approach will allow you to reconnect with your changing body and support you with life’s ups and downs in a calm and nurturing environment.


Restorative Massage

Our newest offering! A gentle, soothing treatment, where client is lying on the side propped up by pillows and blankets, allowing the release of physical and emotional anxieties and stress, using nurturing massage strokes, breath work and warm aromatic oils.

Pregnancy Massage

A beautifully comforting treatment for a changing body. Personalised to your needs and stage of pregnancy, soothing massage techniques help to ease tired muscles and  hydrate your skin.

Note: Always check with your doctor before booking your appointment.

30 mins / £45

60 mins / £70


50 mins / £65

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