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A six week Course

Isolation & Anxiety Support Programme

Throughout the pandemic, social distancing, quarantine and lockdown efforts have led to a significant spike in acute isolation and loneliness, with serious impacts for those most at risk.


When opportunities for meaningful connection are missing, our nervous systems can become overloaded, leading to a number of health problems, including compromised immune function, anxiety and depression – all issues related to the autonomic function. Loneliness can also increase cortisol levels and activate the sympathetic nervous system, making people feel unhappy, unsafe, and in a constant state survival mode.


This is specifically designed for people who are suffering from anxiety, loneliness, disconnection, or overwhelm brought on by the physical and social isolation that has become so chronic at this moment in time. Through six dynamic sessions, clients will experience the benefits of therapeutic touch, develop new self-care and self-love strategies, practice embodiment techniques through restorative yoga, and engage in creative activities and reflective writing.


Six weekly sessions of one hour.




  • Six-Session Package £300

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