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Rachelle is a seasoned wellbeing practitioner, reflexologist, and massage therapist
with a passion for bringing her skills and warmth to the community of Barking and
Dagenham and beyond.
With an impressive 30 years of experience in the spa and wellness industry,
Rachelle has established herself as a knowledgeable and dedicated professional. In
addition to her hands-on work, Rachelle serves as an international spa and wellness
consultant, sharing her expertise with a wider audience.
She collaborates with local GPs at pop-up events and partners with organisations
that focus on wellbeing, loneliness, and bringing people together. Through these
initiatives, Rachelle actively contributes to the emotional, psychological, and physical
wellbeing of her community.
Rachelle's extensive experience allows her to provide invaluable insights and
guidance to her clients. She facilitates workshops, sharing her knowledge and
empowering others to take control of their own well-being. Her warm and
compassionate approach creates a safe and nurturing environment where
individuals can explore and enhance their overall health and happiness. With a
strong commitment to making a positive impact, Rachelle continues to dedicate
herself to helping people feel better and lead more fulfilling lives.
Her passion, expertise, and genuine care for others make her an exceptional
wellbeing practitioner and an asset to her community.

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