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My name is Rachelle, I have been in the Spa world for over 30 years as a Therapist, manager and Spa director. 

After 11 years of running the Bath Haus Spa in Barking, I decided to make some changes in my professional life and broaden my horizons, meaning working internationally again and over the past two years I have consulted for 5* Spas, in the Philippines and in France, my passion being delivering an outstanding service and also training Spa Therapists in treatments and protocols as well as Guest service.

My special interest is in women's health and wellbeing, mental health is also very important to me and I believe that taking good care of oneself, has a ripple effect through all areas of our lives.

I offer one to one massage treatments and reflexology in Barking and bookings are available online via this website.

If you wish to discuss a particular health concern, please email me and I will offer a free online consultation where we can confidentially discuss your wellbeing.

I look forward to meeting you!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 7889008828

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